About the Photos

The Technique

All the photographs on this website were created with a technique I call "lightpainting". This is a technique whereby a 35mm slide image is projected onto a live model's body, and then the model is photographed. The only light illuminating the model comes from the projector, and the colors and patterns on the model's body come from the projected image. There are no other light sources used and everything is done live and in-camera. There are no Photoshop tricks used to create these photos. What you see in the final image is the same as what I saw through the viewfinder of my camera when I took the shot.

I created all the projected images myself, either from scratch on the computer using various computer graphics programs (fractal art and 3D computer graphics), or I went out and photographed real world objects, textures, and scenes.

In almost all the images, the model is painted with a base coat of silver paint, which gives a surface for the image to reflect off that enhances the colors and brings out the detail of the projection image itself. In some cases the model is painted with matte white paint, and in other cases the images are projected onto the model's bare skin.

The Process

Photographing models with this lightpainting technique is a very dynamic process. As the two-dimensional shapes and patterns in the projected image wrap themselves around the three-dimensional body of the model, entirely new forms show up. When the model moves around or changes the pose, yet more forms show up, and when I see something interesting, that's when I take the shot. So this method is as much about exploring and following where the art wants to go as it is about controlling and directing the final outcome.

About Me

My name is Zaid. I've been a visual artist since I was 10 years old, working in various mediums over the years. I got into photography in 1995 and throughout my experience with photography, I only took pictures of people, never much of anything else. I did "regular" people photography for a while until 2003 when I decided that I wanted to do more than just shoot what was already there: I wanted to create something from scratch and THEN photograph it. So then that's when I got into the process of bodypainting and body art photography.

I started off with regular bodypainting, using liquid latex as the medium, but I was never very good at it and also the liquid latex painting process was very hard on the models, because they had to stand perfectly still the entire time I was doing the painting, and painting sessions would take upwards of 4 hours. So after a year of doing that work, I retired that medium to focus on the image projection process.

Thank you for checking out my work and I hope you see something that moves you in one way or another and may you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed making them!

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